How to purchase highly-targeted website traffic

How to Purchase Highly-Targeted Website Traffic

How do you make your life easier and only target your dream customers and eliminate the ones that are of no real value to your business?

On a scale of 1-10, how good would you say you are at advertising to your ideal customers who generate the most revenue?

How is it possible to focus your Internet advertising so that only your perfect prospects view it and not everyone else?

And finally, how do you stop wasting any of your all-important budget on displaying advertising to the wrong people?


The Power of Dream Customer Profiling

Every single person on the Internet is profiled geographically, demographically and psycho-graphically. This provides an in-depth detailed picture of them that is built from both online and offline activity. PLM can create a profile of your dream customers and have your advertising message displayed only to them in the form of a banner ad. Our technology understands and profiles your perfect customer’s attributes and targets exact “look-a-likes.” Consequently, your banner advertising will only viewed by prospects that perfectly match the profiling.

By focusing your budget on advertising to the right people, you can reduce your media costs while simultaneously increasing your sales conversion rates. Our innovative advertising technology enables you to perform precision advertising where your ads are ONLY displayed to targeted prospects – your dream customer.

CPM defined: CPM means cost-per-thousand impressions of an advert. The cost varies according to placement of the advert. Additional data fees may apply with some targeting methods.

We offer 5 different systems that enable the targeting of very specific audiences


Custom Audience Builder (CAB)

Almost everyone who surfs the Internet has an in-depth detailed profile. This profile is compiled from data that is delivered from both online and offline activity. The data is used by the CAB to learn how to define and locate your ideal prospects. For instance, it can determine your perfect prospect by analysing the behavior of everyone who visits your website and make a distinction between those who buy from you and those who don’t. Using your “perfect prospects” data profile, the CAB will only display your banner ads to people who match your criteria.

You can determine what amounts to a successful transaction on the website and have the CAB build your perfect prospect profile based on the people who take that action.

This could include:

  • Buying a product or service
  • Filling in a lead generation form
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Download a free white paper, report, ebook, etc.
  • Sign up to a webinar
  • Sign up to a product or service demo
  • Your target audience can be determined by analysing who has already bought/signed up and this can then be scaled up.
  • The CAB can be optimized for both a CPA (cost per action, such as sign up etc.) or a CPC (cost per click) goal.
  • The CAB works in real-time and determines the value of each impression and then bids the right price.
  • Use of the CAB means every opportunity is captured, allowing you to capitalise and get your message in front of your target audience.

The success of your campaigns are analysed, meaning the CAB’s campaign-specific bidding algorithms evolve in-line with performance. The CAB learns what works best, (time of day, spend, banners) to generate the most cost-effective media placements, thereby increasing your website’s conversions and ROI. The longer your campaign runs the more accurate the data. This leads to an increased number of higher quality traffic, more leads, more sales, and more profits as your perfect customer profile evolves. The CAB continuously learns to generate the most cost-effective media placements based on how well your ideal prospect profile is matched. Successful matching significantly reduces media costs by eliminating spending on unnecessary impressions.

Important note: The CAB is an incredibly powerful tool when used in combination with an effective marketing strategy. This is not a set it and forget it system. Making your life easier by sending the right people to your website is only valuable, if you have a landing page that creatively captures your offering it motivates people to take action.

How PLM can provide you with an extremely powerful Internet advertising platform

No opportunity goes unmissed at PLM as we offer the largest advertising reach in the world. Our system has access to billions banner ad impressions every day, far-outreaching our closest competitor. This means only we can give you the most opportunities to reach your perfect prospects. By enhancing your targeting we can construct custom audiences by using highly detailed third party data.

We divide your customers into segments so your marketing message perfectly matches each of your target markets. This generates more new customers for you and provides the opportunity for an improved return on your marketing investment. Don’t waste your budget on advertising to the wrong people.

By accessing the most advanced and precise advertising platform ever developed, you can:
  • get your advertising message in front of the most precise target market (or markets) for your product or service
  • see a significant increase in conversions
  • save money on advertising

Only PLM delivers the right message at the right time, to the right person in the right place and at the right price to increase leads, conversions, sales and your profits.