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Want To Spend Your Time Doing Business Rather Than Chasing It?
PLM can help

Here’s something to think about. How much more business would you do if you could only speak to people who actually wanted to hear from you? At PLM we generate high quality hot key transfers and booked appointments from the Internet and deliver them directly to you.
This means:

Outstanding Contact Rates
Increased Transaction Values
Conversion Rate of up to 42%


Why Work With PLM?


Flexible Lead Purchasing

Currently, our customers can achieve a conversion rate of up to 42% on the leads supplied.

Real Time Tracking

We undertake the task of real-time performance tracking and lead quality reporting.


Returns Policy

Fair and easy 7 day returns for credit policy for any invalid leads.

Qualified Leads

We will transfer calls directly to your business from prospects who genuinely want to know about your product or service.


Compliant Leads

We only supply leads where the customer has enquired about you online.


Account Management

We provide you with a dedicated account manager who is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

PLM Understand Your Business Needs

How Our Strategy Works

We capture Internet-generated leads from various websites by using tailored emails and targeted landing pages.

We call all the enquiries first and transfer those that want further information about your product or service directly to you.

Our method of enquiry qualification means we can eliminate the ones that aren’t serious immediately. By excluding those who have provided hoax or fake information or are simply not interested, we provide you with the assurance that all leads are genuine. You can also be sure that they have already given their consent to be contacted and have their details sold on to a third party. Our lead generation saves you time, so you can focus on increasing your sales, and this is what sets our service apart.

Our Story

We have been in your shoes! Having run our own financial services companies, we know how important it is to have high quality leads. The providers we worked with simply let us down by delivering leads that never answered the phone or had only been comparing quotes online and were not interested in talking.

Consequently, we decided to develop our own strategy for generating quality leads. Having tested our method and honed our skills, we now specialise in generating enquiries from a small selection of lead types in the premium consumer finance sector.

Your Results

Because we make sure every lead you get is a genuine live lead, contact rates are exceptional:
95% on all booked appointments
100% for all hot key leads
Compare our stats to the industry average of 70%. And don’t forget that transaction values are higher because these prospects are genuinely interested in your products.

PLM Understand Your Business

Lead Types

We know that lead quality is extremely important.
This is why we only provide leads in areas where we are certain that the quality can be maintained.
We specialise in:
Life Insurance
Debt Management
Mortgage & Remortgage


Do you want high quality leads?

Our experience tells us ‘the old lead generation ways’ no longer work; however, we do things differently and our strategy really works.

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